Dating in the trans world can be hard. Feel free to submit confessions, stories, pictures etc.


I actually have a lot of gems from this guy. This one just…wow.

I actually have a lot of gems from this guy. This one just…wow.

"Oh yeah baby! You know you like it when I take all the cash in your wallet! Gimme that Benjamin harder oh yes I’m gonna cum!"

"Oh yeah baby! You know you like it when I take all the cash in your wallet! Gimme that Benjamin harder oh yes I’m gonna cum!"



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tboyalex asked
Hello ladies (and gents, and everything inbetween)- Id just like to add that as a transman, ive seen quite a few similar issues when trying to find people to talk to romantically. It sucks, but i feel it makes us stronger. I am really thankful that there is a lovely place like this for trans people to share their experiences on. Just remember to stay strong, you are all beautiful and one day you will find someone who will see just how beautiful you are! -Alex

Thanks, Alex!

I am really inclined to agree with the “stay strong” portion of this. You are all wonderful and unique individuals who will will find someone who admires, respects, and loves you. 

Sidenote: I’m sorry I didn’t see this for like… a year… REALLY SORRY!

I hate dating….

I hate it so bad. I hate wondering is this person actually into me or is it just a “friend” thing. I also can’t stand when people think just because I was born in a females body well it makes me weak. I had to prove I could do everything a man at the factory could do. Things woman there could not do like put a 400lb. glue barrel into the glue pump. That makes me mad. Why do we have to prove ourselves. Why is honest love hard to find. Sorry for the rant.

Editor’s Note: Dating is pretty much shit for everyone, I think. There will always be the constant wondering - not jus about whether they’re into you or just interested in being friends. There’s wondering if you’re bothering them, smothering them, not giving them enough attention, not fulfilling their needs. I once saw a post that said something like “dating is basically getting to know someone until you’ve learned enough you don’t like about them.” (that’s probably way off) There was also the one that’s like “everyone you date you’re either going to be with forever or you wont be.” Honestly I try not to think about those things when I’m dating someone new. It’s hard but it helps to just have fun and let it play out.

Transitioning at a current job is always very difficult. My ex transitioned at work and had to prove himself over and over to get people to realize he was fully capable of doing everything and then some. You’ll always have to prove yourself to some people even though you shouldn’t have to.

Finally - REALLY sorry about this one as well. I didn’t expect to get messages but now that I’m more active I will definitely be checking them!

Anonymous asked
I am a 15 yr old openly transguy. I am still in high school and people are close minded. Any idea on how to maybe try to get into the dating scene?

I didn’t date in high school and to be honest, I wasn’t even out. 

I think since you’re open about it you will have better luck. Are there any youth groups in your area for other people your age to gather where you might meet some new people? Do high schoolers still hang out at the mall? 

Perhaps start with making friends outside of your school and see what it brings you?

Stay safe and keep your chin up - a positive attitude makes the world a brighter place :)


P.S. Im REALLY sorry about missing this for like, a year. I didn’t know people were sending asks but now that I’m active again I am happy to answer!